Special Colloquia


2006/12/07, 4-5 pm (PST)(Tokyo --> UCBNE and Shanghai Jiaotong U.):
Super LWR (SCWR) conceptual design, Prof. Yoshiaki Oka, University of Tokyo
[Abstract] Overview of the conceptual design of Super LWR will be presented. It is a power reactor cooled and moderated with light water operating at supercrtical-pressure. It is a type of SCWR, a Generation 4 reactor. The advantage is compact and simple plant system without coolant recirculation and high thermal efficiency. We have been developing the concept scince 1989. The study covers design and anlysis of fuel, core design, safety, control and start-up, stability, most of conceptual reactor design. The highlight of the study will be covered by the presentation.
[Extended summary] [Slides]


2007/09/06, 5-6 pm (PST)(Tokyo --> UCBNE, Tokai):
Outline of Japanese Seismic design review guide, Abe Hiroshi, Principal Staff of Planning Group, Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES)
[Abstract] Japan Nuclear Safety Committee last autumn revised their seismic design review guide and NISA required utilities to re-evaluate existing NPPs according to the new guide. Speaker will discuss the following topics: (1) Formation of seismic design code in Japan, (2) Outline of NSC seismic design review guide, comparing new and old, and (3) Comparison of the point of seismic design code between Japan and USA. [Slides]


2008/11/03, 4-5 pm (PST)(UCBNE --> Tokyo) as UCBNE colloquium:
Computational Study of Defects Behavior in Ceramics Fuels, Ying Chen, Associate Professor, Department of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
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2008/11/25, 4-7 pm (PST)(UCBNE --> Tokyo):
Historian's view on geologic disposal, Cathryn Carson, Associate Professor, Department of History, University of California, Berkeley
[Abstract] Most social scientists look at nuclear waste issues in ways that are totally different from nuclear engineers. That is unavoidable, and (at least from a social scientist's standpoint) it is probably a good thing. In fact, it can even be the basis for interesting and productive discussion. In this seminar I draw some lessons about the methodological differences between interpretative social science and engineering. Along with a bit of social science "theory," I will mostly reflect on my practical experience working on the history of nuclear waste management. [slides]


2009/02/03, 3-4 pm (PST):
Social Decision Making Process on Science and Technology, Kota Juraku, Assistant Professor, GoNERI, The University of Tokyo, Invited in UCB course NE24, "Society, Environment, and Nuclear Power," (Joonhong Ahn) [slides]

UCBNE Colloquia

UCBNE hosts a colloquium every Monday in regular semesters. Refreshmsnets are served at 3:45 pm, and a presentation starts at 4 pm. The first real-time web-casting was made on November 6, 2006.