• Organizing Committee
  • Shinya Nagasaki (U Tokyo) - Chair
  • Tatsuhiro Kamisato (U Tokyo) - Co-chair
  • Joonhong Ahn (UC Berkeley) - Co-chair
  • Satoru Tanaka (U Tokyo)
  • Application
  1. Download PAGES registration form, and fill all the necessary information.
  2. Send the application forms to PAGES2010SS@n.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
  3. Registration Fee: $300 (Expenses for lodging, meals, transportation must be arranged separately.)


  • July 25, Sunday: Registration and Reception, Multi-purpose Reception Facility (19th floor), HTIC
  • July 26, Monday - July 28, Wednesday: Lectures at room 802, HTIC
  • July 29, Thursday(AM): Lectures at room 802, HTIC
  • July 29, Thursday(PM), July 30, Friday & August 2, Monday: Workshop at room 801a, 801b, 802 & "Glen Grant Theater", HTIC
  • There is no dress code. You do not need to dress formally. Casual clothes would be appreciated.

Latest program is available here.

Registration Fee

  • Participants are required to pay USD 300.00 registration fee.
  • Registration fee must be paid by cash or check.
  • By cash: payment should be done when you make on-site registration.
  • By check: organizer will inform you the required information for your payment by check. Please contact with organizer by e-mail(pages2010ss@n.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp)

Air Ticket

  • Make your booking by yourself.
  • Participants who have their financial support from U Tokyo (or organizing committee), they must keep your itinerary, receipt, e-ticket and stub of boarding pass. Those documents will be required for your reimbursement process. Also, they must purchase the economy (coach) class ticket.
  • Please make sure to confirm the restrictions and requirements for air ticket booking at your own responsibility if your travel expences are supported by other organizations.
  • If you need any exceptional arangement on air ticket, be sure to contact with the organizer (PAGES2010SS@n.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp) beforehand.


  • All participants will stay at the guest rooms (for lecuturers) or dormitory (for students) of HTIC building, in principle.
  • Organizer will make your bookings collectively.
  • If you have the financial support from origanizer, your accomodation fees will be paid by organizer (these people need not to make individual payments).
  • But, other perticipants DO need to pay accomodation fee by themselves (You can pay by cash or credit card). Their payment will be reimbursed afterward if your trip are supported by your organization.
  • If you need any exceptional arangement on logding, be sure to contact with the organizer (PAGES2010SS@n.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp) beforehand.

Transportations from the Honolulu Int'l Airport to HTIC

  • Approximate transportation cost: Shuttle bus $12, Taxi at most 40(usually around $35).
  • If taxi driver does't know HTIC, ask him/her to go to the condominium named "Marco Polo" (HTIC is next to the "Macro Polo" comdminium and that is well-known place. But, "Marco Polo" is NOT our lodging. No participant will stay there.).

Rules in the Students' Dorm

  • Meals will be provided at the Cafeteria (on the 1st floor) on weekdays. Breakfast:7:00AM-8:30AM, Lunch:11:30AM-1:30PM & Dinner:5:30-6:30PM.
  • Quiet hours 10PM to 6AM.
  • 2 students in each room (a bed, a desk, and a closet will be provided for each student).
  • There will be no cleaning, nor bed making service (you should keep your rooms clean by yourself).
  • Blanket, pillow, sheet, a set of towels (a bath towel, a face towel, and a hand towel), and a small soap will be provided (no toothbrush, no tooth paste, no shampoo, no hair dryers).
  • Washing machine & dryer on each floor.
  • No smoking in the building (smoking is only allowed in the back yard of the building).
  • No alcohol drinking is allowed.
  • Dining hall is closed on Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Meal coupons (should be pre-paid) are not refundable.