Seminar Meeting

2008/11/06, 3-5 pm (PST):
Introduction of reactor design studies at UCBNE, Ehud Greenspan, Professor in Residence, UCBNE [slides]
Introduction of reactor design studies at UTNEM, Yoshiaki Oka, Professor, UTNEM [slides]

2008/12/11, 3-5 pm (PST):
Core design of Super Light water Reactor, Yuki Ishiwatari, Lecturer, UTNEM [slides]
Overview of liquid-salt cooled high temperature reactor technology, Per F. Peterson, Professor, UCBNE [slides]

2009/01/29, 3-5 pm (PST):
Thermal and Stability Analyses on Supercritical Water-cooled Fast Reactor during Power-Raising Phase of Plant Startup, Jiejin Cai, Post-doc researcher, UTNEM [slides]
Overview on the technology-neutral licensing framework for the PB-AHTR, Edward Blandford, Graduate student, UCBNE [slides]

2009/03/12, 4-6 pm (PST):
Evaluation of Transmutation Performances of TRU and LLFPs with a Super Fast Reactor, Haoliang Lu, Post-doc researcher, UTNEM [slides]
Improved BWR Core Design Using Hydride Fuel, Massimiliano Fratoni, Post-doc researcher, UCBNE and Lawrence Livemore National Laboratory [slides]

2009/04/16, 3-5 pm (PST):
Thrmal hudralic analysis of tight lattice subchannels and fuel bundles of Super FR, Junli Gou, Post-doc researcher, UTNEM [slides]
Transmutation of Pu Using Hidride Fuel, Francesco Ganda, Post-doc researcher, UCBNE [slides]

Summer Schools

2009/07/28 - 08/05:
The International Summer School of Nuclear Power Plants and Young Generation Workshop
Tokai-campus, the University of Tokyo, Ibaraki, Japan

Participating Sites

  • Department of Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley
  • Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo
  • Nuclear Professional School, Tokai Campus, University of Tokyo